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BE ... in the here and now.

Use the senses positively to promote YOGI-MIND:

                       LOOK without judgement

                        LISTEN without criticism

                        SPEAK without lying or being unkind.

Let go of the need to analyze, label and judge yourself and others - focus on just
being and enjoy the resulting feelings.  Let go of the ideas you have of the the world & others and make the effort to change your point of view... to have  a pure vision. 
Then you will be able to SEE the truth: about yourself and about others. 
That is when you are in YOGI-MIND.

                        TOOLS for YOGI-MIND - Relaxation Concentration Meditation

Meditation is a process which brings about total awareness by means of removing or stopping one's thoughts.  This process starts with relaxation and concentration.  There are different techniques which can help with this.  For example:  imagine your breathing as being in rhythm with the waves of the ocean touching the shore.  Visualize this beautiful landscape of sea, land and perhaps a soft sunset.   As you feel your breathing in tune with the sea (slow, deep and constant), watch how thoughts drift into your mind.  Gently push them out of your mind by refocusing your attention on: your breathing as the waves, in your beautiful landscape.  That is, bring your mind to the here and now - which is, that you are relaxing and breathing in tune with beautiful nature.  Those thoughts that try to enter are for other moments of your day... push them away.

These random thoughts which come to your mind constantly, cause stress and fear. 
By dismissing them as unimportant during Meditation, you will clean your mind and find it full of stillness and calm. Meditation brings a stillness to the mind which gives the mind strength.  This strength or power will help you to relax and concentrate whenever needed.

When we speak of emptying the mind of thought, we don't mean to have an empty mind.  It means to clean the mind of unnecessary thoughts to leave it pure - that's when we can see what's really there: who we really ARE.  You will live your best life with a Yogi-Mind.

This transformation to Yogi-Mind will take time and regular practice.  Sometimes your meditations will be more full of thoughts than others.  Don't worry - don't judge yourself - keep keeping on.  Once you have made Meditation part of your life, you will learn how to keep the principles of Yoga in ALL aspects of your life.  You will be able to push away your own negative thoughts as well as feel sorry for those who are unkind or unfair to you.  You will enjoy an outer as well as inner calmness.  Applying Meditation to your daily life involves reminding oneself of the quiet and stillness of your Yoga Meditation.  With Yogi-Mind this inner peace can be with you always.  Rama, enjoy Yogi-Mind!
Rama Yoga