The result of Yoga brings power to the body organs, senses & actions; thereby having eliminated the impurities  until the awareness and illumination has reached perfect clarity (Boddhisatwa)
rama wisdom
rama wisdom
rama wisdom
Suffering has made you dull, unable to see the enormity of it.  The first task is to see the sorrow in you and around you; your next to long intensely for liberation.  The very intensity of longing will guide you; you need no other guide.
With the practice of the eight disciplines of Yoga, we eliminate impurities  so the shining knowledge  grows into wisdom.
The SAMADHI arrives when the meditator becomes one with the object of meditation...when one´s being is fused with the being of the object.
Don´t kill, honesty, don´t steal, chastity  and don´t corrupt or be corrupted are the points of YAMA
Internal & external purification, be content, discipline, study and devotion are the points of NIYAMA
A solid but pleasant posture is called ASANA
Breathing in harmony with body movements and practicing breathing exercises is called PRANAYAMA
The process by which we install positive energies in the mind & heart by using imagination & determination is called PRATYAHARA
Maintenance of attention on an  specific object is called DHARANA
The uninterrupted flow of understanding on said object is called DHYANA
Once we minimise the natural tendency for restlessness and by meditating on the unlimited, posture becomes strong & pleasant
These practices, unbroken by time, place, purpose & social rules are (universal) great vows.
Basic Principles of RAMA YOGA
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